Sunday, December 25, 2011

Filipinos drink OCCASSIONALLY. :)

Tumpak. Filipinos drink occassionally talaga. 

Occassions like:

-Christmas parties
-new year
-cool off sa gf/bf party
-break up with gf/bf party
-victory party
-losers party
-all saints' day
-national heroes day
-rizal day
-emo party
-before the exam party
-after the exam party
-bumagsak sa exam party
-absent ang prof party
-broken hearted drinking party
-pampalipas oras party
-gusto lang maglasing party
-yayaan lang bigla party

at minsan...

-bagyo party

O di ba? Party! Party!


Na-receive ko as text message sa isa kong classmate sa A334. 
Mama Ronald, ikaw yun. 
Grabe. Sobrang na-miss ko A334 dahil sa message na yan. :)

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